IT 7123 Business Intelligence

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This course introduces the concepts, practices, technologies and systems of business intelligence and analytics, which supports data driven insights generation and decision making. The complete process of BI and analytics is covered, from data gathering, modeling, analysis, reporting, and visualization.

Business intelligence systems have been widely adopted and implemented in today's enterprise environments due to growing amount of data and increasing need for data analytical processing. The IT 6733 course focuses more on general database administration but is limited on some parts of data modeling, integration, analysis, and visualization. This course is aimed to complement that by focusing analytical processing technologies and applications.

Program Association

This course is a required course for our Data Management and Analytics Certificate, and Data Management and Analytics Track in MSIT.

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Scheduled Offering: Fall Even, Summer Odd, Fall Odd, Spring Even - refer to the complete IT courses schedule plan

Recent offerings and enrollments Fall 2021: 10+25; Spring 2020: 13

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IT 6713 Business Intelligence

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The first lecture on BI and Analytics Overview

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