IT 3703 Introduction to Data Analytics and Technology

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Recent offerings: Spring 2021

Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of data processing technologies, techniques, tools, and applications. It sets a context and foundation for further studies in data analytics. Latest trends in analytics, big data, and data science will be introduced.

This course is a new elective as part of the new data analytics and technology concentration for BSIT.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and compare key knowledge areas in data management and processing.
  2. Describe the general process of analytics methods and major components.
  3. Explain common data models and storage technologies used for analytics solutions.
  4. Explain common data formats and methods used in data preparation.
  5. Explain four basic levels of data analytics and typical analytical methods at each level.
  6. Explain major methods and tools for data presentation, exploration, and delivery.
  7. Build a basic data analytics application.


Grade of C or better in IT 3223 Hardware and Software, 3153 Database Systems (or concurrent registration).

Course Materials

  1. IT 3703 Syllabus
  2. IT 3703 Open Education Resources

Course highlights

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